Each 2 hour party includes:
Fairy entertainer host for the entire length of party
Fairy wings for each child
Fairy flower crown's 
Fairy wands for each child
Fairy face sparkles
Specially designed Fairy birthday cake (Please bring a numbered candle if you would like one)
Select 4 out of 6 choices of Petite four desserts, each child gets 4 each
Pink lemonade & Water
Fairy plaster paint activity or Make your own Fairy Dust 
The Fairy Room Tote party bag
Complimentary coloured popcorn bowls

Party of 6 $520  

Party of 8 $590 

Party of 10 $670

Thank you for choosing our Fairy Party for your special one’s big day. This is how our parties go; 

We start by ringing the special fairy bell to summon one of our resident fairies, who will answer your call with a smile and wave of her wand. Fairy Luna or Fairy Sunshine will then take everyone through our magical wooden doors, where you will be transported into a enchanted fairy forest wonderland. Let our fairy host orchestrate the entire party by helping the birthday fairy hand out the party tote bags, and assist everyone in dressing up. It’s then on to learning how to sit at a proper high tea party, from laying your napkins out to how to hold your teacup. Everyone will have their own fairy plaster ornament to paint and decorate to take home. We have two super fun fairy games, musical mushrooms and pin the crown on the fairy princess. With lots more fairy magic and fun to be had we also have a special fairy cake to sing and celebrate with. Pink lemonade tea is a must with some added complimentary fairy popcorn, your little love is set to have the most unique and special day ever! 

Each 1 hour date includes: 
Select five petite four desserts each 
A choice of pink lemonade and or tea for Mum
Fairy wings each
Fairy flower crowns each
Fairy plaster ornament to paint or make your own fairy dust 

A Fairy Room helper to help take some photo's of you together to keep forever (on own device)


As a mummy myself I know how special it is to spend good quality time with your little loved one. So why not do something extra special by creating unique memory together that will last a lifetime. A mummy and me date’s magic starts with opening your fairy room tote bag with wings, crowns, wands and face jewels each. Then sit at your own private table where you can have a proper high tea party, with delicious mini fairy cakes and pink lemonade tea. Time for some fun with decorating and painting your own fairy ornaments to take home. With some help to take some beautiful photos, you won’t be disappointed. 

A Mummy & Me date can consist of any adult and little one. We have a ‘Add a child’ option to add more children to your date. We have many more different dates to select from, so you can find the right one for you. 

You can add some extra magic and turn your booking into a Nanny, Mummy & Me date!

Each 2 hour party includes: 
Flower crowns and Fairy wings each, a specially designed cake with either pink or blue colour's upon request or made gender neutral. 3 petite fours desserts each, two tier grazing board, mixed soft drink and tea, a cotton onesie each to decorate, music, and 1 glass of complimentary champagne each.


The Fairy Room loves magic! So we know how special the magic of creating life within is! Becoming a mother myself was the best thing to ever happen to me and feeling my baby grow inside was the most magical of all. The Fairy Room would love to add a little more magic to your journey of motherhood by hosting a beautiful enchanting shower high tea for you and 9 others. With you all getting your own fairy wings and crowns you'll all be feeling the fairy magic!
Sit at the head of our table in our gorgeous rattan peacock chair covered in flowers and look across the bohemian styled table setting. Enjoy our delicate petite four desserts, grazing board, a choice of pink lemonade, mixed citrus mineral water and tea, and of course your specially designed and decorated cake. We have a white cotton onesie for yourself and each guest to decorate for your little bundle of joy to wear or to treasure as a keepsake of your special day.

A Family Of Fairy's

Enjoy all the Magic as a Family and have a Tea Party of four! ('add a child' if needed available) Dress up in wings, crowns and wave your magic wands while dining on 5 delicious petite fours each and sip pink lemonade all together! sit, paint & decorate your ornaments to take home to keep the memory forever. 


A Naughty Fairy's Afternoon Tea Party (18+ only)

This one is for the big girls! Get a group of friends together (min 4 & max 6) and spend the afternoon enjoying beautiful sweet treats, a delicious savoury grazing board, dress up in pretty fairy wings, flower crowns and face jewels! and let us indulged you just a little bit further by offering a full complimentary bottle of bubbles to share! 

1.5 hour Tea Party, $245 Party of 4

Daddy Daughter Date

This makes it super easy for the dad's out there to impress their little miss! What could be more perfect then to spend some quality time with your little girl? The Fairy Room is here to help make it the most magical and wondrous it can be! Dress up as your little fairy's knight in shining armour with a play sword and shield, and have your girl dress up as a beautiful magical fairy with wings, wand and flower crown! Make sure you get that pinky up whilst sipping on your pink lemonade and eating your yummy high tea treats. Help her to decorate a fairy ornament and have a instant photo taken of your wonderful time together. 

1 Hour $89

My Little Fairy's 1st Birthday Cake Smash Party

Celebrate your little ones first big milestone with a truly special & magical time at The Fairy Room! We have #3 Packages to pick from that suits all tastes and budgets!

In Each Package your little one gets their own special Fairy Dress to keep as well as a beautifully designed fairy cake to smash and share!

Check out our booking page to see the details or each individual package, and let us take care of making you a beautiful and special memory to last a life time.

$170 to $255

Store Open Hours

The Fairy Room is Open for Retail  Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10am to 1pm and Bookings 10am to 4:30pm

Saturday & Sunday's Retail 10am to 1pm Fairy Party Booking's 10am to 5pm and Fairy Dates 10am to 3pm


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